Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9780373795680
September 2010
Harlequin Blaze
Paperback/Trade Paperback
224 Pages
Sexy Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sighing in resignation, Dr. Drucilla Robichoux is convinced that her theory is flawed. She always assumed that dating a science geek like herself was the only type of man she could be interested in, but one failed experiment after another has her questioning that belief.

Catching a wave at sunset, and his work are the only two things Dr. Alex Maddow will allow himself to love. His father and grandfather were prime examples of failed relationships, and to keep peace in his life, he wants no part of anything that smacks of commitment.

Practically forced into a week long vacation in Los Cabos, Dru is simultaneously thrilled and terrified to have what she has come her for, a fling. However the Greek God on the surfboard, makes the decision for her. Alex has never met a woman who takes his breath away, and sends his blood rushing south like Dru, and it scares him to death. The best week of her life turns to horror, when weeks later Dru finds that her boy toy vacation fling, whom she cannot get out of her mind, shows up in the most unlikeliest place, and it seems he is just as shocked and unnerved as she is.

Surfer dude slash science geek is quite an unusual combination for this not so humble hero, but he plays the part so well. Seeing Dru place her perfectly slender hands all over Alex’s huge ego and giving it a really good squeeze is great fun to watch. And though she doubts herself many times, Dru always finds the strength to tamp down her fears, and persevere. I love how they make each other take a step back from the cold and calculating academic world, and fall head over heels into that great big giant morass called feelings.

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