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ISBN#: 1935407686/978-1935407683/ASIN#:B004C059RI
December 2010
Vanilla Heart Publishing
244 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Grace Elliott is attending the funeral of Daniel, her husband. Daniel was killed in an auto accident. As Grace leaves the cemetery a stranger accosts her. Her arm is clasped in a painful grip as she is questioned. Grace is bemused and terrified for she has no idea how to respond.

Grace calls her friend, Jack West, for advice and assistance. Jack’s life is also in turmoil, but he agrees to meet Grace.

The mystery deepens when Grace discovers Daniel has bequeathed her another house in Florida. Apparently, Daniel kept many secrets. As Grace and Jack unravel the tangled skein of lies and deception, heartbreak and disillusionment threaten to overwhelm her. Tensions escalate as shady, lucrative deals are uncovered.

This book is rousing and suspenseful. Jack is a personable champion and an honorable man. Grace is a plausible heroine. There were a few times, though, I thought her a bit too naïve. Still, she had tried to be a dutiful wife and Daniel had been an unusually controlling, aloof partner. I especially enjoyed the description of the marshy, Florida Everglades. Jack and Grace’s sojourn there one night while a killer hunted them held me in thrall. For everyone who craves dangerous armchair adventure with a dash of romance, this book is just the ticket for a thrilling ride.

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