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Nightshade Series

Book 1: Nightshade
Book 2: Wolfsbane
Book 3: Bloodrose
Book 4: Nightshade Prequel Rift
Book 5: Sequel To Rift

Sequel to Rift
ISBN# 9780399159602
January 2013
Philomel Books
Hard Cover
$18.99 US/$20.00 CAN
464 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

While she longs to be in the arms of the man she loves, Ember Morrow must put her feelings aside if they are to survive. A dark force is invading her land at the highest level, with only Ember and a few straggling warriors left to fight its progression.

Even as a child, Alistair loves the fiery young girl who wants to become a warrior. Not having her return those feelings has nearly destroyed him, although he has not yet given up hope that they will be together.

Barrow holds Ember’s heart, yet she must make Alistair believe otherwise, if they are to succeed. Lady Eira’s obsession with power has allowed a netherworld lord to become her most trusted advisor, threatening to destroy the very foundation of humanity. Bosque Mar terrifies Ember with his steely, all-too-knowing gaze, yet it is the change in Alistair that concerns her most. Her childhood friend is gone. Replacing him is a man who is about to wreak havoc on the human race.

The pervasive feeling throughout this story is that something dark and foreboding is always about to happen. Nearly every scene is so redolent with fear, anger or malevolence it is hard to imagine anything but doom and gloom for the characters. Ember, however, is a fine, if rather young, heroine, willing to put her feelings and safety aside to do what is needed. This story is by no means over, and readers can be sure there will be the fight of a lifetime in the continuing Nightshade series.

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