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Related Book: Dark Sun

ISBN#: 9781623008055
April 8, 2014
144 pages
Science Fiction and Space Opera, LGBTTQ
Rating: 5 Cups

Castor is a high level dragon, cousin to the dragon princes. When his closest cousin Lynx goes missing, he knows there is more going on than the playboy holiday everyone thinks Lynx is taking.

Jaffa has been alone most of his life, well until he took in a couple of young girls. Now he has little sisters to feed and keep alive. They did not live well but they survived until he was caught, twice, by the same dragon.

Knowing the only way to lose the famous dragon assassin a second time is in the old city ruins, Jaffa leads Castor there under pretense. Only to find a whole world neither of them knew existed.

I love theses characters, all of them. Each is strong and independent in their own different ways and each is as important as the next, and the City they live in is devilishly brilliant in it's design. Rising Sun is one of those books that drags you in and keeps you, even days after you finish reading it. Its originality is refreshing and addictive and I can only hope this sequel will lead to a much longer series.

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