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ISBN #: 9781613090152 / ISBN 9781613099957
July 2011
Crimson Moth
E-Book / Hardcover
$7.50 / $ 11.95
270 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Summer is a forty-eight-year-old virgin married to a wealthy, manipulative and impotent man. She is quite beautiful, but is virtually a prisoner in her own home.

Savion is the bass player of a popular rock band. He is also a blood dragon and affected by an ancient curse.

Summer has always been obsessed by the famous bassist, Savion. Lately, she has been bidding on auctions for articles of the star’s clothing. The items make her feel close to him, and he seems to come to her in dreams. When they finally meet, they know they are destined for each other, but Summer does not know exactly what Savion is and what she is to him. There are others jealous of their power and love who will do anything to possess what they have.

This is an interesting and creative take on the vampire story. The hero is famous and sexy, and the heroine is naïve and virginal despite her age. Blaze, the lead singer and villain, is creepy and unattractive. His girlfriend, Paige, is a great subordinate character and has real depth. The remote island setting adds to the tension and drama, and the love scenes are well done. Summer’s family dramas are a bit extraneous to the plot, and it really is never explained why her family completely abandoned her for thirty years, but once Savion really enters the story the plot becomes more interesting.

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