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The Velvet Glove Stories

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A Velvet Glove Story
ISBN# 9781610403825
3 October 2012
Torquere Press
165 Pages
Erotic Gay BDSM Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

It is hard for Jax to remember a time he has not been weary to the bone. He needs it to be over, permanently.

Everyone in the galaxy wants a piece of Angel. Unfortunately, he has given so much for so long there is nothing left.

Angel’s voice has made him a star. It has also nearly killed him, and Jax has had enough. The Velvet Glove is an oasis where Jax has not only brought Angel to heal. He has come to find himself a lover and a sub. Minuet is a gift from the heavens for Jax. Roland, however, has his work cut out for him with Angel. The man is exhausted and scared, but the need that rolls off of him has Roland more certain than ever he has found the perfect sub.

This story is all about pure unadulterated pleasure and need. The men within crave each other like oxygen, and in such abundance they rarely come up to breathe. I do love their passion in all its forms and fashions. I also think that any story created beyond their bedroom would only enhance their appeal.

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