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ISBN# 9781619210806
24 July 2012
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
334 Pages
Regency Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Anna Locke has always been infatuated with Jude Sinclair, until circumstances force them to get married. Being a young naïve girl, she is shattered when he abandons her on their wedding day. In the years that follow, she transforms into a successful and confident businesswoman, independent in every way from her husband’s family, including their name. So when Jude suddenly comes back into her life demanding an annulment, she flatly refuses him.

After his father’s death, all Jude wants is to get rid of the marriage he was tricked into and assume the responsibilities he ran away from on his wedding day. He expects an easy divorce, but the ravishing, enigmatic woman who is his wife is nothing like the awkward skinny girl he has left behind. On top of it, she refuses to give in easily.

In the ensuing battle of wills, Jude moves in with Anna, in order to blackmail her into either giving him an annulment or living with him as a proper wife. Anna refuses to budge, until he takes notice of her and admits he has been wrong in casting her aside. An unexpected smoldering passion flares between the two, and Jude realizes not everything is how it seemed all the years past. Now, till he can gain Anna’s trust and learn the truth, will their relationship remain at a standstill with love beyond reach, or will he finally get his wish of annulment?

This book has left me speechless. What I feel about the characters, I cannot find the correct words to define. You will have to read for yourselves to find out. What I can say is–this book will make you laugh and cry. It will make you feel as if you are not reading it but actually watching the emotions play between the characters. In fact, I will be first in line if this ever becomes a movie. Though set in Regency England, I believe contemporary romance readers will love it equally. I am sooo in love with both of the characters and cannot think of one thing I would change about them. Towards the end, there is a part, which could have been left out, as it feels too dramatic, but the rest of the book is delightful. I sincerely hope there will be more books about the secondary characters in this, so I will get a chance to keep in touch with Anna and Jude, or I could always hope for a bonus chapter and epilogue from Ms. Sandas. Definitely a keeper!

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