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ISBN #: 978-1-60272-665-9/978-1-60272-800-4
April 2010
Amber Quill Press
314 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Forced to become a leader, Aetria is worried about her people; whether she must take on the entire magical council to protect them. If so, that is what she will do. Her sorcery skills are growing more powerful and she finds herself under suspicion from those whom she needs as her allies.

Coleni is a new mother whose magical powers grow daily, as do her baby's. Along with her newfound sister, she struggles to persuade everyone that the illusory dragons are indeed real and that some pose a concrete threat.

After leaving the safety of their mother's concealed desert home, sorceress sisters Aetria and Coleni uncover how an ancient potent dragon race influenced the history of their birth and their domain. Some of these "all too real" mythical creatures intend goodwill and some have intentions that are anything but kind, but they all have their own ulterior motives. Now Aetria and Coleni must use their abilities to ensure that the people of their world do not become slaves, all the while avoiding assassins.

Mr. and Ms. Carter conjure an unrestrained flight of fancy in the sequel to Wild Sorceress and Besieged Adept. This is a book full of vivid descriptions and detailed characters. The cast is full of strong females and mystical creatures. This is a thorough military and political drama with enough magic and fantasy to keep it from being too dry. I did feel a little as if I joined the adventure in the middle of the fray, so I suggest that you read the first two books before picking up this one. I believe that if you have already read the others in the series that you will enjoy this installment.

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