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ISBN #: 978-0981855080
August 2009
Highland Press Publishing
260 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

More Than He Bargained For by Judith Leigh

Rachel is a widow with twin boys. Raising them and running the family orange grove keeps her busy, but she is lonely.

David is a Major in the Air Force. The son of a movie star and her agent, he never really knew what a real family was like, or what he was missing.

David was riding his Harley while on leave when a flat tire brings him to the O’Hare’s orange grove. Rachel attracts him immediately, but the war widow is wary of risk takers like her late husband.

This is a rather sweet story. The two main characters have pain in their pasts and must overcome that to find happiness together.

Bad Moon Rising, by Cheryl Norman

Celeste has been a widow for a year now and is beginning to live again. Her husband was kidnapped and murdered. She misses him but is ready to move on.

Jack has had some bad luck since his brother’s murder. He was in an accident that left him with a permanent limp and few employment prospects. He is estranged from his grieving parents.

Celeste is threatened by a loan shark at her husband’s graveside. He is determined to recoup a forty thousand dollar gambling debt. She turns to his brother Jack for help. They were once close but they drifted apart even before her marriage. Jack knows Todd’s true nature but is reluctant to disillusion Celeste.

This is a suspenseful tale and very well done despite an anticlimactic ending. The setting and era are very well depicted. Celeste and Jack are great characters, and I was happy to see them get together. The mystery of what happened to Todd will keep you reading.

Romancing Stone by Judith Leigh

Lynette Sinclair is a very successful author who lives in New York. She has no idea why someone would leave her a house in Oklahoma. To her knowledge, she has never been there.

Stone is an artist who carves in wood. Half Cherokee, he is tall, with long black hair and surprisingly blue eyes. He keeps to himself and has few close friends in town. Before moving to Forgiveness, he was a cop in Oklahoma City.

A mysterious bequest brings two strangers close to convert their bequest to a home for unwed mothers. The ghost of Lynette’s long lost twin sister tries to bring Stone and Lynette together, but is he still in love with Shanna and using her sister as a substitute or is it real?

I really enjoyed this one. The paranormal element enhances the story and acts as a narrator as well as character. Secrets from the past always make for an interesting story.

Twilight Time, by Cheryl Norman

Olivia is twenty one, pretty, and pregnant. She is very intelligent but her strict parents want her to marry and raise children. They will not be happy when they find out that she is pregnant and that her boyfriend has skipped town.

Matt is the son of a famous singer and a very talented mechanic. He was taught by his grandfather to restore old cars and his 1954 Kaiser Manhattan is his pride and joy. He feels that he is rather plain as opposed to his flamboyant mother.

Matt is driving home from a classic car show when a rare New Mexico fog transports him back to 1959. There he meets Olivia who has problems of her own and needs to leave town as soon as possible. The only problem is…how to get back to 2009 and take Olivia with him.

The author captures a small town in the fifties beautifully and does not overdo the differences between that time and this. The plot is interesting and the characters are very charismatic and real. Great story.

This is a great collection of stories set in towns along Route 66. There is a little something for everyone as one is a historical romance, one a suspense story, one a paranormal romance, and the final one a time travel story. All of them are well done and quick reads, and I could not pick a favorite. I loved them all.

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