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ISBN #1451576676
April 2010
Eirelander Publishing
127 Pages
Fantasy/Time-travel romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Twentieth century Juliet, Josephine Radcliffe, has married her Romeo and along with their daughter, Vivianna, they travel into the past and the future on dangerous missions under the orders of the Big Boss.

Ambrose Radcliffe came from England during the reign of Elizabeth I, and found his sweetheart in present day America. Now he completes his special assignments with his family by his side.

Time travel comes with pitfalls and perils. Josephine has determined that certain happenings in history must change for what she feels is the better. Her actions have reshaped the world as she has known it. The actions she takes completely erase Ambrose's beloved Elizabethan England. His world is shattered, and he cannot forgive Josephine's interference. Can this be the event that tears Romeo and Juliet apart forever?

Laura Hogg transports readers into a world beyond their boundaries. This is a vigorous time-travel romance full of historical reference and fantasy-laden futures. I highly recommend that the first Romeo and Juliet undertaking be read before picking up this continuation. I did not read the previous tale, and I felt zero connection with the main characters. The adventure is good but you just seem to jump right in as if you are in the middle of the chaos that is this family's time traveling life. I found this story to be so entertaining that I am going to pick up the first installment to see what I have missed.

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