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ISBN: (10)0758261373/ (13)9780758261373
September 2011
Aphrodisia, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00-USA/ $16.95-CAN
320 Pages
Erotic Romance; BDSM; Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Charlotte has a special gift for getting two lonely people together. With her erotic visions linking them together, she has been able to start up a dating service.

Master Martin is ready for more than just being the owner of the popular Subspace Club. Putting his image up on a BDSM dating site has him hoping he will find that special someone.

Gail is one of Charlotte’s clients and all she wants is to find a good man and start a family but each time Charlotte sets her up with someone, it ends up in disaster. When she sees Master Martin on the fetish dating site, she asks for an introduction.

Charlotte left the BDSM scene after her ex-husband went too far but when she sees visions of herself with Master Martin, her body craves the feel of the rope, the crack of the whip, and the sense of being submissive once again. After Charlotte sets up a date for Gail with Master Martin, against her own body’s cravings, her client disappears with only a suspicious phone call as a clue. Going back into the BDSM scene is not as hard as Charlotte thought it would be but finding Gail is. With erotic visions of herself and Master Martin playing like an x-rated video in her head, Charlotte will have to figure out who she can trust. She can only hope that her instincts have not led her straight into a trap.

Rough Play has heavy elements of BDSM within the pages that range from spanking and bondage to rape role-play. The sensuality of this tale will overload all of your hedonistic zones, leaving you feeling as if you yourself have stepped down from the St. Andrews’ Cross. I was taken aback in the beginning when the plot changed from Charlotte to the Dom known as Kartane and his way of thinking. It had me lost and confused and feeling as if I had missed a huge part of the story although it is later explained in greater detail so I got the clarification I needed. Ms. Crooks’ will take you on a twisted tale of intrigue, danger, adventure, and erotic sensations that will leave you quite satisfied.

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