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June 2012
Lyrical Press
271 Pages
Historical BDSM Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Faith is a woman who enjoys a great adventure. She has traveled to Egypt to fly an airplane.

Leonhardt thinks he has given up his dark sexual needs until he meets Faith. Her boldness and pure stubbornness leaves him aching to paddle her luscious bottom.

Faith soon finds that exploring her sexual needs with Leonhardt makes her feel complete in a way only flying has in the past. But the man mastering her is terrified the deathtrap called an airplane will get her killed. Leonhardt wants her safe in his arms. Or better yet, tied to his bed. Before he gets to explore the newfound love he has for Faith, a past that has haunted him crosses his path and targets his new lover as its next victim. Can Leonhardt save the woman he loves in time?

Rough Surrender overwhelms the senses with wicked sensuality intertwined in its pages. Ms. Silverwood takes an era fraught with new and dangerous inventions and adds a ton of eroticism to overheat readers' adventurous souls. Faith and Leonhardt are both complex characters that mesh well together, also during the times when they have disagreements. The mysterious murders complement the storyline quite well. This is a well-written book that will leave you happy to have read it.

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