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ISBN#: 9781603105545/9781603105552/9781603105569/9781603105576/9781603105538
October 2010
eRedSage Publishing
Price: $3.99
171 Pages
Paranormal, Menage a trois
Rating: 5 cups

Evangeline, torn by family issues, has lived life on the edge. Toying with things that endanger her has taken her far from her songwriting roots. When she wakes up on the floor of her bathroom with the strange tattoo of runes running from her face to her shoulder, she decides it is time for a change. But then the images of the man her sister once dated began to graphically haunt her every waking moment.

Will is an Immortal who saved Evangeline from her own self destructive nature by bringing her into immortality. When he then feels her “calling” to him, he realizes that the woman he saved is entwined with his very soul and mind. Ignoring her “call” is driving him mad, but he is able to try to wait it out until, through their link, he feels the hands of another on her body.

Sean loves Evangaline and his feelings about her are not conflicted at all. When he slides his hands across her skin, across the strange tattoos that now trace her face, sometimes it seems as if she thinks of another. When an Immortal kidnapps her, he is forced to deal with a man claiming to be her soulmate as well as a monster trying to steal her. Will their love survive?

Desires are born, discovered and explored in this fresh look at immortality. From the erotic tattoos that mark them immortal to the fiery passion between Evangeline and each of the two men, this story managed to keep the pages flipping in rapid succession. When the three characters finally get their hands on each other, the bonfire rages out of control and this erotic tale of a triangle of phenomenal lovers transforms into truly an exceptional read.

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