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February 2013 Inc.
$5.99/$ 15.46
267 Pages
Contemporary, Women's fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Paige Scott’s life has suddenly turned upside down. During the façade of a weekend away in the vacation home he bought, her husband leaves her in a broken-down leaking house in the middle of a small town no one has heard of. After spending a few days getting drunk, musing over what might have gone wrong, going out just to buy food, and getting no help from a handful of people she knows, Paige pulls herself back to the real world.

Now with just three thousand dollars in her bank, she has to get a job to afford a lawyer to contact David for money. Rebuilding her life in this new place; a stark contrast to the wealthy cosmopolitan she knew of, is hard. The lack of activities makes her frustrated, but most of all, Paige is unable to avoid all the betrayals of her past and hide from how stagnant her life has become.

Taking a day at a time is her new motto. With a couple of colorful new roommates who are refurbishing her house in exchange of boarding, and the eccentric but lovable townies who want to involve her, or be involved in her activities, force Paige to take a new look at life. Rather than continuing to feeling sorry for herself, she lets go to become freer in expressing her emotions and caring for others.

Have you ever become robotic and let life go without feeling or seeing things? Let life be too monotonous? I have. Not to the extent Paige did, but yes. Sometimes you need a bump in life to snap out of it. That is exactly what David did to Paige. A simple divorce would not have been as effective as this; in the bigger picture, what it did for Paige. It forced her to wake-up, take a look around, rediscover and rebuild herself. Along the way are some touching characters who find a place in her heart, her witty observations and snarky commentary. On this unique journey of self-discovery, there is never a dull moment. Ms. Vandenbergh wrote this story with amazing depth and realistic style that kept me involved throughout and left me wanting more. She does not outright tell you everything, but unravels it, implies it, and interweaves the past and present. I sincerely hope she writes more about Paige’s journey in the future.

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