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The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada Saga:
Book 1: Going Wilde
Book 2: Wilde Fire
Book 3: Running Wilde
Book 4: Wilde Nights (May 2011)
Book 5: Wilde Surrender (June 2011)
Book 6: Wilde Love (July 2011)

The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada Book 3
ISBN: 1610344758
April 2011
Siren Publishing, Inc
104 Pages
Erotic Romance; Ménage a Trois/Quatre; Western/Cowboys
Rating: 4 Cups

Jessie has been trying to investigate the “accidents” that have put the Wilde Mines in danger. Each time she gets close, someone gets hurt.

Dallas Wilde knows that his brothers, Phoenix and Jackson, believe Jessie is the one woman destined to be all five of the Wilde boys’ wife. Determined to figure out if she is the one who will lay claim to all of their hearts, he sets about testing her every wicked way possible.

When Jessie learns exactly what Dallas, Phoenix, and Jackson are planning for her, she feels hurt and angry that they would make these kinds of decisions without telling her the truth. After calming down, Jessie realizes that her feelings for Dallas have gone from being his friendly lover to entwining her heart into feeling as much love for Dallas as she feels for Phoenix and Jackson. Even as the three brothers set about getting her ready to experience the fourth brother, a menacing presence gets ready to destroy the woman they are all falling in love with. What will happen when Jessie realizes there is still a brother out there she has not had a chance to be with, and it may be the man responsible for all the sabotage?

You have got to read the Wilde Series in order to understand what is going on. These novels are more of a soap opera that continues to build and build, leaving the reader reeling as the sexual heat and suspense continue to increase and male characters continue to work their magic. Running Wilde pits Jessie against Dallas as he introduces her into the world of BDSM and all it entails. I love how Dallas shows her with gentle but firm hands how she craves the submissive role. I am so excited to see what Denver has in mind for Jessie in the next novel. Ms. Lang has run wild with her imagination and as each tale gets better and better it leaves me aching for more of the Wilde brothers and all of their wicked promises.

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