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ISBN: 978-0-345-50544-6
June 2009
Ballantine Books, an Imprint of the Random House Publishing Group
Trade Paperback
346 Pages
Dark Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

The absolute nothingness would be the most terrifying experience of Shea Monroe’s life, if she were capable of that emotion. However, her one and only drive is to please her master. Her daily injections ensure her absolute cooperation, but miss a dose, and a living hell is unleashed inside her mind.

Guilt, regret, self-hatred, are daily companions for Ethan Bishop, and have been most of his life. He knows his place in the world, and it is not by Shea's side, despite loving her more than life itself.

He hurt Shea in so many ways, Ethan cannot imagine ever having her forgiveness. Despite how much she may hate him in the end, he will not allow her to face her demons alone. Her abduction by one of the most sadistic mind control freaks in the world has rendered her completely devoid of memory or emotion. It is Ethan's job to extract her from Donald Rosemount's clutches, and bring her back to LCR, but getting her out is a cake walk compared to the agony that awaits. Shea battles the debilitating crush of mind control drugs, fighting to regain her sanity, her life, and ultimately the man she loves.

This is a superbly crafted story of a diabolically vicious psychopath and the group of people intent on bringing him down. The freakish intelligence combined with utter insanity of Donald Rosemount is so well written it literally gives you chills. Shea and Ethan lead you on a gut wrenching exploration to reclaim her soul, and the heart throbbing attempt to rekindle their love. This is a magnificent end to an amazing trilogy, with each fantastic book standing well on its own, but I for one hate to see them end!

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