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Kinnison Legacy

Book 1: Rugged Hearts
Book 2: Rustler's Heart

Book #2 in Kinnison Legacy
ISBN: 9781613336366
February 14, 2014
Decadent Publishing
174 Pages
Western Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Rein Mackenzie was adopted by his uncle after the tragedy which killed his parents, alongside two brothers abandoned at young age. Now the ‘brothers’, after the death of their beloved uncle, plan on making Jed Kinnison’s dream come true of making the ranch a place for people who need hope like they did. Rein is the man leading the construction side of the dream, finally finding his place in life.

Liberty Kinnison is Wyatt and Dalton’s half-sister they never knew of, who needs shelter from the past she is running from. Before her arrival, Rein was her greatest supporter to be there, but upon seeing her, he is conflicted by various emotions. Highest on the list is lust.

Liberty may be running from her past, but she is not afraid to open her heart and mind to the family she never knew. Diving fearlessly, she works on making a place in everyone’s heart; especially one cowboy who refuses to see her more than a flighty kid. That is, until one encounter leads to another and they are deep in an unexpected secret summer fling. Just when things start looking up, Liberty’s past catches up with her placing everyone she has come to love in danger. She has a choice to make; trust her newfound family, or run again to keep them safe, whilst breaking her own heart and proving one stubborn cowboy true. Which will she choose?

This is a sweet story. I liked Rein even when he was being stubborn. Liberty is a strong and bold character who owns up to her actions and does not regret her past. Nor is she willing to let anyone else put her down for the choices she made, which I really admire. The secondary characters are fun; however, the swift changes of opinion by characters threw me off a little i.e. one minute they are thinking and saying one thing and the next minute, doing the exact opposite. Despite this, it is still an enjoyable light hearted read. I look forward to the next book featuring Dalton who grabbed my attention in all the scenes he was in.

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