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Tomcat Series

Book 1 - The Hitch-Hiker, Book 1
Book 2 - The Lost Temple, Book 2
Book 3 - West of El Pilar, Book 3
Book 4 - The Kiva, Book 4
Book 5 - Sacrifice


Tomcat Series, Book 5
ISBN: 978-1-60820-175-4 (PB), 978-1-60820-180-8 (EB)
December 2010
MLR Press
Paperback / E-Book
$14.99 / $6.99
204 Pages
Gay, Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Like a dog with a bone, Mackenzie Wallace knows his partner will not stop until he has all of the answers. He will never stop worrying about Ian’s safety, but knowing the joy that lights up Ian’s face with every discovery is something he will never tire of.

Whatever possessed a stranger to leave him a priceless Mayan treasure is something Dr. Ian Grayson can barely comprehend, but will certainly not turn down. The Mesoamerican artefact is like nothing he has ever encountered, and the secrets it holds could be the discovery of a lifetime.

Ian has never seen anything like the statue that was bequeathed to him, and the desire to learn its history is overwhelming. The etchings are in a language so old it is barely comprehensible, and the only way to learn more is to go to the source. Mac knew for a fact that they would soon be on another expedition, and he fears that trouble may be brewing for his love once again. Someone else feels that they have the rights to a legacy that has been carried by one family for generations, and he will stop at nothing to get his just rewards.

The relationship that flows between Mac and Ian is a wonderful example of what a partnership is meant to be. Mac is the grounding force in Ian’s life, and though at times it feels like Mac is just a sidekick to Ian’s adventures, you come to understand that it is Mac who makes everything happen for his partner. They give and take like any old married couple, and know when to pick their battles. The thrills and chills factor is not as intense as I expected, but the story as a whole is intellectually exciting from the very beginning.

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