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ISBN#: 9781608209125/MLR1020130187
January 2014
MLR Books
237 Pages
LGBT, Mystery
Rating: 5 Cups

Roger Cook’s life changed the day he was assigned the story of a misfit loner from his school who reportedly committed suicide. Along the path to enlightenment Roger discovers there is more to the life of Kyle and Roger finds love.

Riverside Memorial High School is on a collision course with the reality of prejudice and bullying. One high school newspaper assignment will change the lives of more than one person.

The death of a little known student and the secrets which permeates the hallowed halls leave every student questioning themselves and the beliefs they once held dear.

Safe is a tragic story, but one which speaks to the heart of so many issues in society today. Mark Zubro offers the reader a small peek into the lives of children who are forced to hide who they are, and the fears of prejudice and alienation which can spawn insanity. I loved the main character Roger as he was honest with himself and others and shunned the fear of alienation. He refused to feel any of the shame others tried to force on him and I absolutely think his parents were the perfect portrayal of what parents who truly love their children face when they are forced to confront a reality they never see coming. Safe is an amazing story of epic proportions which readers will find both moving and life altering.

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