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Safe Word: Oasis Series

Book 1: Ye,s Justin
Book 2: By My Side
Book 3: Out of My League
Book 4: Wanting Wilder

Safe Word: Oasis Series, Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-61118-729-8
February 2012
Loose Id
94 Pages
BDSM, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Seduction is about as far out of her comfort zone as Mia can get, in truth, she can barely look at herself in the mirror. Her intelligence and no nonsense attitude are great for school and work, but flirting is beyond her capabilities.

Making up excuses to go to Dr. Brindley’s office just so he can see the man’s TA is getting him nowhere, but Kaelen Sebastian does not know what else to do. He has it bad, and drastic measures are definitely called for.

If Mia cannot have the man of her dreams, then she can have the next best thing, a fantasy fling. Mia is so smart and beautiful Kaelen is certain he does not stand a chance, so he tries for a substitute instead. Both Mia and Kaelen are utterly shocked when they realize just how thorough Oasis has been in fulfilling their fantasies, but are they willing to take it one step further? One night to throw caution to the wind, and play out their wildest dreams, and when it is over they get on with their lives, or can they?

Lots of women have very distorted self-images and Mia certainly fits this description. She cannot see past how her body used to be to what it is now, but thankfully Kaelen is doggedly persistent. I love that he does not pull punches or try to tell Mia that her fears are unfounded. He is a man in love, and no matter how Mia tries to bury herself in her clothes, he has no trouble seeing the woman within.

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