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ISBN: 978-1-61572-217-4-eBook/ 978-1-61572-218-1-Print
7 October 2010
Eternal Press
Ebook/ Print
152 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Randy had seen the man on the edges of her periphery ever since she was a little girl. Like a pirate out of the pages of a storybook, he was first protector then perhaps hallucination, but when her car breaks down in the rainstorm and he pops up again, she finally does the unthinkable. She talks to her imaginary friend. Imagine her surprise when he talks back.

After roaming in an endless in-between, unable to see, touch or taste, left with the feelings of a man but not able to feel anything, Jareth finds himself drawn to the one small child with a face like a cherub. When her eyes seem to focus on him, he swears he will not go back to her. Drawn back to her side again and again, he finally finds a woman where a child used to be. The woman has all the hypnotic draw of the child, but she makes him feel something he has never felt in his long years of the curse; she makes him burn.

As the two of them spend more time together trying to find a way to heal the pirate, the spark between them turns to a raging inferno that neither can quench. Will the two of them bridge the time and curse that separates them, or will the curse keep them apart?

As these two characters cannot touch, this story is riddled with sexual tension that keeps the pages turning rapidly through this clever and well woven story. The secondary characters are not well developed and there are a few external issues that are brought up and left unresolved when the story is brought to an abrupt halt. The relationship between Randy and Jareth is unique and emotional and as a reader, the other issues are well hidden by their epic love story.

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