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ISBN# 978-1-60592-062-7
November 2009
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
134 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary, M/M Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Samuel Dane Summers is a geek and he knows it. While he makes a living as a gay erotic romance writer, his love life leaves a little to be desired.

James Everson is a cop and someone who plays the field. After his last boyfriend cheated on him, he has no desire to change his ways, that is until he meets Sammy.

When Sammy goes into his local neighborhood pub, he has no idea he is about to meet the man of his dreams. Instead he figures he will talk to the bartender and see if he cannot help him by helping with his writer’s block. When James overhears him talking about a hot scene in his book and how he is stuck, he offers to help Sammy out. However, something unexpected happens, James who has only ever topped, suddenly finds himself a bottom and loving it! While both enjoy their encounter, James kind of freaks out and leaves the next morning. There’s only one problem, neither can stop thinking about the other or their one night together. Unfortunately, due to a stalker who thinks Sammy is writing about them in his books, Sammy has to move. This makes it very difficult for James to track him down. He finally does so only to discover why Sammy had to move in the first place. Being a cop, he does not take kindly to stalkers, and he does his best to protect Sammy from the man. But when the stalker decides to take matters into his own hands, they could lose each other. Will they be strong enough to defeat a mad man?

Just when I think I’ve got a story figured out, Ms. Glenn goes and throws a wrench in the works and takes a completely different track! Sammy Dane is one of those books that keeps you guessing from beginning to end, and it is full of plenty of twists and turns to keep a reader interested. I really liked how Ms. Glenn sort of turned the tables on readers and wrote the alpha character as being submissive in the bedroom, and the guy who is usually the submissive being the dominant. I never knew what was going to happen with these two and was pleasantly surprised on all accounts! Ms. Glenn does domination/submission with class. I adored how the emotions were expressed between these two characters both during sex and the rest of the time. This book sizzles, and I highly recommend it!

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