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ISBN#: Unavailable
September 2010
Self-Publisher, Free Erotic Series
234 Pages
Erotic Paranormal, Ménage (MMF, MMMF)
Rating: 5 Cups

Suspicious Circumstances

Sara lives her life on the edge with some of the hottest vampires. Sometimes having everything you think you want is more than you really need, as Sara has just discovered.

Loren has stood on the outside from the woman he desires; sharing her with another. He has bided his time and now that her boyfriend has made a grievous mistake, he will do all he can to ensure that she becomes his.

Sara feels immense guilt for the way another can turn her head and heart. Loyal to the end, she hangs on to Gene until he proves unworthy but feels guilty for turning to another. She must make a decision which will turn the tides on loyalties and draw a line that is deadly to cross.

The introduction to Sara’s life is wonderful and paints the background of a life gone astray. Kayden McLeod presents a world of possibilities that is the hottest thing in subject matter. She puts a twist on her story that sets it apart from others. Suspicious Circumstances provides a wonderfully erotic reading experience.

Unknown Worlds

Sara has left the world she knows for the much different world of Montane where she is able to truly swim with the sharks and spend time with her lover, Loren. She has been graced with the gift of two men who she is unsure are entirely willing.

Keoni and Adoniia have been enslaved for thousands of years; one by choice and one who was taken. Sara is the one to save them, and through the strength of her and Loren, they will end their servitude one way or another.

There is more to Keoni and Adoniia than Sara expects, and with the power of a God, they will stand a chance of escape. If Sara and her trio of men make it off Montane, there is trouble from her past that will return and threaten all she has found.

Although I loved Suspicious Circumstances, Unknown Worlds takes erotic vampires to a whole other level. If Loren is hot then the addition of Keoni and Adoniia will make the blood boil. The Isle of Montane is both fascinating and horrifying at the same time and will make Sara and the reader thankful that she is offered more choices in life. I found the story line intriguing, erotic and engaging. I looked forward to each chapter and found myself unable to put the book down.

Breaching Loyalty

Sara’s world is once again coming apart at the seams. She must once again fight for her men; all four of them.

Loren has secrets and, unfortunately, they are about to change the world as they know it. Loren and Sara’s untrained lover, Adoniia, will be sent to hunt a rogue at the demands of someone who seeks revenge. Sara and Keoni will stay behind along with Carl, Sara’s recent convert.

Sara will be deceived by the one she thought she would always be able to trust. The deceit will change their lives if they are allowed to live.

Breaching Loyalty lived up to the first two stories in its action and erotic romance. Though I enjoyed the story I was left hanging and disappointed by the end. My disappointment in no way detracted from the story but only enhanced my involvement in the life of Sara and the immense pain she is forced to endure.

Kayden McLeod is a master of the written word. Sara’s story is expertly written with a depth that yanks the reader into the middle of the action. I was afforded the opportunity to feel the emotions of each character. I felt great sympathy for those who would otherwise be undeserving of such an emotion. I recommend Sara’s Story and the outstanding talent of Kayden McLeod as I have become a converted fan.

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