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The Lost Shifters

Book 1: Primal Passions
Book 2: A Feral Christmas
Book 3: Savage Awakenings
Book 4: Carnal Intentions
Book 5: A Wicked Caress
Book 6: Ruthless Pursuit
Book 7: A Tempting Distraction
Book 8: A Shifter Christmas
Book 9: An Assassin's Touch
Book 10: Shane's Fury
Book 11: Riley's Secret
Book 12: Ranger's Folly
Book 13: Hey, There's Fur in My Wedding Cake
Book 14: Chance's Vindication
Book 15: Russel's Reversal
Book 16: Fangs, Fur, and Snowballs
Book 17: Gage's Awakening
Book 18: A Very Shaney Valentine's Day
Book 19: Colby and the Little Wolf
Book 20: North's Complication
Book 21: When Tatum Got Bit by the Spider
Book 22: Shane's Inner Anger
Book 23: A Christmas for Ava
Book 24: Ackley's Savior
Book 25: Doc Featherstone's Return
Book 26: Kallen's Atonement
Book 27: Skye's Limits
Book 28: The Trial's of Gregg
Book 29: Assassin Found
Book 30: Kit's Return
Book 31: The Defeat of Lawson

The Lost Shifters Series Book 3
ISBN#: 9781554874927
July 2010
Extasy Books
158 Pages
Erotic Romance Gay GLBT Paranormal Romance Shapeshifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Rat is a Cheetah shifter and computer tech guy. He is also one of a small group of shifters who cannot hold his shift.

Keegan is one of the lost shifters, although he does not know it. That is about to all change when he is attacked by the Ravens.

When Keegan is attacked by the Ravens, a group of shifters who can shift into ravens and who are the mortal enemies of feline shifters, it is only through the help of another feline shifter called Seth that he survives. But then Seth disappears and Keegan is forced to call the phone number the man told him to if he did not come back. When Rat picks up the call, he believes it is Seth, but instead he finds a frightened young shifter on the other end. Rather than tell his superior, Mitchell, he has found the man’s younger brother he decides to go and get Keegan himself and bring him home. When he meets Keegan for the first time the attraction is instant and mutual, but Rat believes that when Keegan finds out that he cannot hold his shift and is thus defective, he will no longer feel the same way about him. However, he does not take into account Keegan’s kind and fair nature, nor the fact that Keegan is falling head over heels for him. Unfortunately, none of his superiors are happy about the fact that Keegan and Rat have started a relationship together, though they begin to soften over time. While all is not perfect, it is about to get even more dangerous when an infiltrator working with the Ravens begins working to drive a wedge between Keegan and Rat. Will they be able to survive what happens next?

This is only the second book I’ve read by Ms. Hecht and I have to say I LOVED it! The world building is fantastic, as is the character creation. These characters do not fall into the standard type of cookie cutter characters that some authors write, they are unique in their own right and I really enjoyed that. The love scenes were phenomenal and emotional, which is key for me to really enjoy the story. Plus there was plenty of suspense and action. I plan on reading the rest of this series, one book by one decadent book. I highly recommend this book, if you love m/m romance and shifters you will too!

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