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ISBN# 978-1-60435-748-6
August 2010
Red Rose Publishing
547 Pages
Historical Indian
Rating: 5 Cups

Sarita wishes to marry a man she loves. Her father intends to marry her to a warrior that will benefit the family. If she has her way, she will never have Fighting Wolf as her husband.

Fighting Wolf is war chief of the Ahousats. Three years ago he lost his wife and baby son in childbirth. When his father was killed, he decided it was time for revenge, even if it did entail a forced marriage.

Sarita is a Hesquiant who lost her mother when she was only eight. She has seen her father joined with four loveless wives and does not wish to live that way. Fighting Wolf has always been a good provider from a well-known and wealthy family. He has his reasons for agreeing to marry Sarita. When Fighting Wolf arrives, he has a special gift just for her father and his people. Neither tribe expected the consequences that would confront them, or the obstacles that would lie ahead for Sarita and Fighting Wolf. She is not happy being his slave, but her heart says differently. Can the two draw lines to bring peace and unity to families long bent on revenge?

Savage Betrayal is an in-depth story that takes the reader into a saga of a multi-cast of characters surrendered with dramatic actions and expressions of despair, grief, trepidation, revenge, brutality, and even love that flows through the pages. Sarita and Fighting Wolf are determined players with strong ambitions, but the secondary characters are even more well-defined. The way the stepmothers treat Sarita really cut to the core of the heart. Ms. Scott allows the reader to share in the heartbreak, the love, and the adventures of this extraordinary tale. I can tell she really searched her heart and soul to write this poignant story.

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