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Savage Series, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781609285906
April 2012
Samhain Publishing
341 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sienna Peters is the daughter of a world-renowned scientist. She has spent her life trying to make him proud of her, and is currently employed in a very prestigious laboratory, though she is vastly overqualified for the position.

Warrick Donovan is a shifter, a federal agent, and the best friend of Sienna’s brother. He and his team are charged with protecting those of their kind. He has always had feelings for Sienna, but cannot mate a human.

Sienna has found out a terrible secret. Her employers have been torturing and experimenting on shape-shifters. She is determined to set them free and get vital information to her father. The shifters are in terrible shape, and the task is too much for her alone, but she is not really alone. Warrick and his team have also come to free the prisoners and mistake her for the enemy. The real enemy is unexpected and so is the fierce attraction Sienna and Warrick feel for each other.

The author of this story has combined a smolderingly sensual love story with an action-packed suspense novel and has done a great job with both. Sienna and Warrick have a long history with each other and have great difficulty fighting an attraction that can go nowhere. There is an unknown traitor who causes huge problems and dangers to the team and Sienna, and the larger issue of who is behind the experimentation on the shifters. The plot is full of unexpected twists and turns, most of which were a complete surprise to me. This is an excellent story that I recommend highly.

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