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Birds of Prey, Book 1
ISBN# 9781771115629
May 2013
eXstasy Books
113 Pages
Erotic Romance Gay GLBT Paranormal Shapeshifter
Rating: 3 Cups

Hawk is one of Athena's chosen warriors, the Birds of Prey. They fight against the evil Blood Demons, minions of the goddess, Keres. Since Hawk's vocation revolves around blood and violence, he does not have time for romantic entanglements. He sates his needs with one-night stands, a policy that has served him well for the past one hundred forty-four years. When one never knows where the goddess may call him next, this practical stance on relationships seems not only logical, but perfectly reasonable.

Enter Aaron, a college student just trying to make the grade, despite the best efforts of his flamboyantly gay party-animal roommate. Aaron wants to survive college before he worries about getting into anything serious with anyone, and he certainly has no interest in reenacting scenes from Animal House, much to David?s dismay. Even so, the life of a college student can be a lonely one, and Aaron is not immune to flights of fancy.

When an encounter with a ravaging psychopath puts Aaron directly in the path of the overtly masculine and incredibly sexy, Hawk, Aaron starts to reconsider his options. But nothing can prepare either of them for the revelation of what Aaron?s birthmark means for both men?.

Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of this story is the rapidity with which Aaron moves from the psychological headspace of a kidnap victim to asking Hawk to make love to him. Nevertheless, this is a perfectly decent beginning to a series and a worthwhile addition to any fan of gay erotic romance's library. I sincerely hope the potential in this opening story will be realized in future entries.

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