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ISBN#: Unavailable
August 2010
Solstice After Dark
92 Pages
Contemporary Ménage
Rating: 3 Cups

The move to the McCade ranch when she was nearly seventeen was simultaneously the easiest and hardest thing Emily had ever done. Easy because the McCade brothers are devastatingly sexy men, and hard because she is just a girl and cannot imagine they would ever be interested in her.

Desiring and loving Emily from afar gets more difficult with each passing year, as Cole and Adam McCade bide their time. They must wait until she is old enough and mature enough to make the decision to accept their love, until then all they can do is keep her safe.

The last four years have been agonizing for Emily as she tries to hide the signs of abuse caused by her brother Chris. His beatings never made any sense to her, but she took them and kept her mouth shut, until Cole caught him in the act. Cole and Adam’s fury ignite over the abuse that Emily has been taking for years, and once her injuries heal they will show her just how much they love her. Emily wants these two men so badly it is killing her, but the pain Chris inflicted is not done yet, and if anything should happen to Cole or Adam, she will never forgive herself.

Two deliciously gorgeous cowboys stand toe to toe with one tiny little woman, and odds are they are about to go down. With their hearts in hand Cole and Adam often appear to be fighting for control, but do not make the mistake that they are pushovers. In fact, if anything in my opinion, they can be a little too macho and overbearing considering the emotional and physical trauma that Emily has suffered. The love scenes rock and the characters, although quite stereotypical, are engaging enough for an enjoyable read.

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