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ISBN# 978-1440172427
November 2009
E-Book/Trade Paperback
264 Pages
Mystery Suspense Thriller
Rating: 4 Cups

Sam Case is a computer whiz who repairs the glitches and things that plague software applications. The truth is, his real job is transferring funds from one bank to another.

Donovan Creed works for the Department of Homeland Security. A former CIA assassin, the turned clandestine terrorist assassin has something that Sam wants. Now Sam must give him the codes if he wants Rachel back.

Sam is shocked when he is thrown into a limo, asked his wife’s bra size, and then watches his sister-in-law and a cop killed right in front of his eyes. Since he is the only one there, he is accused of the crime, so without hesitation, Sam flees, only to jump right back into the limo. All they want is his wife’s, Rachel’s, bra size, along with some codes, if he wishes to see her alive again. He is finally released only to hear they will keep in touch. It does not take long for Donovan to contact Sam. He demands some important codes if he wants to see Rachel again. Sam begins finding little pieces of the puzzle making him wonder who he can even trust. As the hours continue to click away, the pressure in Sam continues to rise to the boiling point.

Saving Rachel is a non-stop page-turning read. Sam is a character that engages the reader completely. I was so lost in the story that I completely lost track of time. Every character does a good job in playing out their roles. The thrilling action is gripping. At first I thought I was watching a movie the scenes were so intense. John Locke fashions a roller coaster read with unique players, a wonderful plot and tight dialogue that really makes the read potent. I can positively say I was absolutely intrigued.

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