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ISBN# Unavailable
April 2010
New Concepts Publishing
21 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Ratings: 4 cups

Jackson Montague is a junior partner at a reputable law firm. He easily alternates between the roles of the successful professional lawyer and the charming reckless playboy.

Megan Truitt is the sexy bodyguard who likes a little adventure once in a while.

Jack walks into a bar on Friday night with one thing in mind: picking up a one-night stand. He meets Meg. Same night, he gets attacked in the street. Realizing his life might be in danger, his company hires him a bodyguard. Can Meg and Jack work together professionally when Jack is determined to enjoy this coincidence to the fullest?

Hot and erotic are some of the words that come to mind when reading this story; it sure made me feel torn between wanting to find out what will happen next and yet enjoying what is happening now too much to turn the page. With little being said about Meg and Jack, Ms. Lin was able to cleverly utilize the situation as well as the fast-paced and sexy dialogue to give a thorough insight into her characters. The transformation about to happen to Jack is realistic and perfectly in keeping with his character; it is the women and the sex that made him what he is, and it is a woman and her sex that are about to change him. This is one short story with enough sizzle to read more than once.

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