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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-12928-7
July 2010
Harlequin Presents
184 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Setting out on her own in the Qusay desert, just goes to show how far removed Annalisa Hansen is from traditional Qusani women, although she has lived as one her entire life. Her father, being a single parent and the village doctor, gave Annalisa freedoms that very few women in their village could imagine, and she will miss him for the rest of her life.

Leaving home at the age of eighteen, Tahir Al’Ramiz has never looked back, but the pain of those formative years will be with him forever. His father’s vicious cruelty aimed directly at him left Tahir with a deep and abiding hatred for the man, but it also gave him the fire to succeed on his own and with no help or contact with his family.

Flying home at his brother’s request is not something Tahir would have ever imagined doing, but his trip takes a detour that changes every aspect of his being, and it is due to one incredibly selfless woman. Finding Tahir very near death, Annalisa tries valiantly to save his life, knowing instinctively that this man is far removed from her humble and common place in society, but that does not stop her from admiring his beauty and his charm. Tahir is in no way deserving of Annalisa’s tender care, but restraint has never been his forte, and the result leaves him terrified of what kind of person he has become. Annalisa barely recognizes the man she cared for a month ago, and though Tahir tries repeatedly to keep Annalisa at arm’s length, he is reminded time again just how special she is and how much he desperately needs her in his life.

They do not come much more tall, dark, and handsome than Prince Tahir, but beneath the beautiful blue eyes lurks the soul of a lost and desperate man. It is his pain that makes him human, otherwise he would come off as completely arrogant and domineering. It is also easy to mistake Annalisa for a weak minded female unless you really take into account the society in which she has lived her entire life, and in doing so you realize what an amazing fortitude she has when it comes to dealing with Tahir. Her situation would easily make her a pariah in this type of community, and you come to understand just how strong she is to do what is necessary to keep herself safe.

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