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ISBN: 9780983052302
September 25, 2010
The Divas Pen, LLC
115 Pages
Interracial Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


He has one goal in mind, and for Steve, this particular hotel and bar will serve his purpose very nicely

Fending off unwanted advances is the price Devah is willing to pay for a night of fantasy and fun.

As soon as Steve steps into the bar, he sees her, and her beauty catches the eye of many men in the vicinity. He bides his time, but when he makes his move, he does not waver. The cat and mouse game they are playing only heightens the anticipation, and the night ahead promises a thrilling victory.

This story builds to a blistering passion, and ends with a romance sweet enough to make your heart melt.

The Perfect Storm

A few more files are all Dr. Treva Miller needs to finish before she heads out for the night, but Mother Nature has different plans.

With the storm building outside, Dr. Carson Dumar tries unsuccessfully to get Treva to leave, but as usual, she could care less what he has to say.

As the storm comes crashing down around them, Treva quickly realizes just how stuck and alone she and Carson really are, and that is not good at all. Their relationship blew up a year ago, and both have tried to move on, but the heat outside does not even come close to what they are about to go through inside.

Combine a raging storm, volatile emotions, and an intense physical attraction, and you get The Perfect Storm. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Legal Maneuvers

The last few months have been sheer torture for Ava Myers, and tonight she is finally ready to end it.

He has had his eye on the sexy ADA since she first walked into his precinct, and Lt. Ethan Easton is nothing if not persistent.

The total body awareness that Ava has had for Ethan is driving her insane, and that must be why she agreed to tonight. Her career and reputation could easily be destroyed opening herself up to a night of passion, but she is getting past the point of caring.

If you are craving a taste of the forbidden fruit, check out Ava and Ethan. They will satisfy any appetite.

Private Dick & The Red Shoes

Watching and following the beautiful woman in the red shoes for months on ends is starting to wear P.I. Davey Nelson down.

Staying one step ahead of her past is finally getting to be too much for Annie Devlin, but knowing she has someone out there watching her has made it a little more tolerable.

She has invaded his nights as well as his days, so when the assignment is over Davey hopes to be able to move on with his life. He does not know her story, but when he sees her again, he has no choice but to give in to desire.

The roles of the hunter and the hunted become blurred in a haze of passion so hot it is bound to make you sweat.

The Divas Pen strikes a mighty swath of scorching desire and erotic excitement in all four of these diary entries. The men stand proud and powerful, and the women counter their passionate advances strike for strike. These gloriously beautiful women open themselves up to men who define the meaning of the word “male”, and the pulse pounding pace does not stop. After reading, I found that race is completely a non-issue in any of these stories, and erotic passion is a much more apt description for this scintillating read.

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