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ISBN#: 9780373697915
1 October 2014
224 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Alexander Harkins is more than ready to be in charge of the FBI team tasked with finding seven missing persons. Not only have these people been taken against their will, but they are all connected in some way to the law enforcement community. Alexander will stop at nothing to connect the dots and bring these people home safely.

Georgina Beaumont knows Alexander is driven. That drive to succeed no matter what the cost is one of the reasons she walked away from their marriage. When Alexander chooses Georgina to be his partner during the investigation, she vows to do everything she can to be the partner he needs for this job.

As things heat up and the trail of clues gets more and more disturbing, Georgina and Alexander begin to depend on each other. The glue that once held them together as a couple becomes the only thing keeping them sane. When the killer turns his attention toward Georgina it will take every bit of Alexander’s determination and will to keep her safe.

This well written story has a tight plot and fast twists that keep the reader interested. Georgina and Alexander have good chemistry. Perhaps the only downside is that there is little time in the action packed pages to fully explore some of the complex issues in the couples’ relationship.

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