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Pack of Light Series

Book 1: Scent of a Wolf
Book 2: Wolf's Sacrifice

ISBN#: 9781623005290
November 12, 2013
Loose ID
115 Pages
LGBT; Paranormal; Shifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Jace Shaw is one of the last of a small group of werewolves with extraordinary powers. In order to survive and to try and find others of their kind, Jace and his family have split up. The idea is that if they stay separated it will be more difficult for Erikson the man who killed his parents to find them.

Merek Wahya is alpha of his pack, though there are those within it who are less than happy about that fact. Still he does his best to be a good alpha. Too bad his world is about to change in ways he never dreamed of, and maybe not for the better.

Jace has been dreaming of a man named Merek for years. The dreams are sexual and sensual and while Jace enjoys the dreams, he believes they are just that, dreams. Until one day when his psychic thread with his grandmother Emma seems to disappear. Concerned that something has happened to Emma, Jace contacts his twin Jacob and tells him he is going to risk going to check on Emma. When he finally arrives in the forest outside Emma’s cabin, he is stunned to recognize the scent of the man he has been dreaming of. It is then that he realizes Merek is real and is his mate. Unfortunately, Erikson’s thugs are there too and Jace is in a fight for his life. Hampered by a drug that masks his scent and prevents him from shifting properly, he cuts himself hoping Merek will smell the scent and come to help. Fortunately for him, Merek does come to the rescue. While Merek is ecstatic to find his mate, Jace is less than enthused. He feels he can never have a mate and in fact hoped he would never find him, because he knows that Erikson will do anything to get his hands on anyone that is important to Jace. This becomes even more clear when a secret comes out about just what Erikson wants with Jace and others like him, showing these two that they must stop the psycho. Will Merek and Jace be able to stop Erikson and keep those like Jace and Emma safe? Will they be able to be true mates?

Scent of a Wolf is the kind of story meant to be savored. There are very few books out there that make me want to continue reading and for the story never to end and Scent of a Wolf is one of those books. The world building is unique and fresh. This is not your ordinary werewolf romance, or even gay romance. I LOVED IT! The love scenes are sexual and sensual, and I was super happy to see two alphas coming together this time, each equally strong. Not every author could make that scenario work, but Ms. St. James did it with flying colors! I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the kind of romance that is meant to be savored slowly. Reading it was a blast!!

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