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Spookie Town Mystery Series
Book 1: Scraps of Paper
Book 2: All Things Slip Away

Spookie Town Mystery, Book 1
January 2013
$ 5.98
192 Pages
Rating: 5 cups

Abigail Sutton has been happy and in love until one night her husband goes out for cigarettes and never returns. After police finds him dead two years later, she wants closure. Deciding to push on with her life and pursue a freelance artistic career, she leaves her life in the city and moves to a quaint little town. When she buys a house to fix it up and make it her own, she never imagines the mystery she will discover.

Frank Lester is a retired cop, presently working on a mystery novel, who has lost his wife a few years before. All he has left is his son, Kyle, who is away at college, but on meeting Abigail the first time, Franks feels a connection to her.

While sheriff in the small town, Frank has worked on a house some believe haunted before moving to Chicago and investigating the mystery surrounding missing people, never finding answers. Now Abigail has moved in the haunted house, and finding mysterious writings piques her interest. As she and Frank try to solve the secrets, they bond. But will it be a new start for both?

Scraps of Paper is a superb read that has kept this reader spellbound. Abigail and Frank are warm, genuine characters who really give this story life. Ms. Meyer Griffith pulls the reader into the atmosphere and ambiance of the lovely town of Spookie and all the secondary players who make it visual in every aspect. There were times the intensity was so tight it was nail-biting. Many times, this reader has felt chills with anticipation around the corner. She delivers a magnificently captivating read, so readers will only want more.

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