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ISBN# 978-1-5092-0705-3
April 20, 2016
Wild Rose Press
358 Pages
Multicultural, Suspense, Historical Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Frank Liam is a physician who has been working at the CDC for the last two years but takes a leave when his girlfriend begs him to come with her and work in the Peace Corps. Frank is in love with Penny and drops everything to be with her.

Penny is a passionate young woman who has not yet recognized her feelings for Frank but she knows he could provide the much needed help the village needs.

What Frank thought would be an opportunity to work next to his girlfriend quickly became something else when he was taken from the airport to a different destination than the village Penny was returned to. He is brought to a village where the only thing that can be heard is screaming; the villagers are dying a slow, excruciating death. After witnessing the death of an entire family first hand, Frank knows he needs to do something to stop this from spreading. When propositioned by a very powerful man, Frank battles his desire to be with Penny with his obligation to help figure out the Scream virus.

I struggled greatly with his book; I found it slow and drawn out at times. I did not feel a connection between Frank and Penny, in fact in the first 85 pages of the book they had only spoken and seen each other twice. I would have liked to see more of a connection given the premise that he flew halfway across the world to be with her.

Reviewed by Heather
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