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Emerald City Shifters

Book 1: Sealed by Fire
Book 2: Sealed by Magic

Emerald City Shifters, Book 2
ISBN #: 9781623009595
August 2015
Loose ID
256 Pages
LGBT; Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Zach is a witch, and works in his brother-in-law’s restaurant. His brother-in-law is a bear shifter. His father wants him to graduate and join in the family business which Zach has no desire to do. He wants to be an architect and design green spaces.

Ari is Lamia ie a snake shifter. He is the son of the Lamia king though his father has not actively claimed him as his son, as he has Ari’s younger brother Cullen. This hurts Ari, but he does not ask for his father to acknowledge their relationship. Ari is working on finding out who is trading lamia venom in the black market because whoever it is, could cause harm, and in some cases kill young Lamia, if they try and milk their venom.

When Ari and his younger brother Cullen visit the restaurant Zach works in, the attraction between the two is instant, despite the fact that there was a war between Witches and Lamiae in the past. Unfortunately, before the two can act on it, some coyote shifters make trouble forcing Ari and Cullen to leave for Cullen’s protection. Fortunately, they get another chance when Zach stops by his best friend Vanya’s house, only to discover there has been a fire, and it is full of Lamiae. While he discovers that Vanya has returned to Russia, he finds that the Lamiae have taken over the house and Ari is there. The two are able to begin dating and starting to get to know each other, but not everyone is keen on a witch and a Lamia being a couple. Between the Coyotes, echoes of the war between witches, and the Lamia, and someone trading in Lamia venom, having any sort of relationship is not easy for Ari and Zach. However, as their feelings for each other grow, the danger becomes more apparent and each becomes a target. Will the two manage to survive, or will they lose each other to an unknown enemy lurking in the shadows?

What an absolutely fantastic story!! This is a great read and I highly recommend it. It is original, has fantastic world building, a delightful love story, hot sex scenes, and the paranormal. I loved Zach and Ari, and all the wonderful secondary characters as well, including the little Russian house elf. This book just has everything that makes a book truly wonderful and I couldn’t read it fast enough, it was just one of the most enjoyable books I have read this month. If you enjoy original m/m erotic romance, shifters, and the paranormal, you will want to read this book!

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