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Hornet, Book 1
ISBN# 9781620612583
May 2013
Entangled Publishing, LLC
352 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Audrey Van Amee is a headstrong, free spirited artist, living a simple life in Costa Rica. Her brother is kidnapped, and she is witness to it via phone. Determined to help him, she goes to his apartment in Columbia to search for clues. Once there she runs into—literally—Gabe, who is in charge of rescuing him and ends up being his partner. To free her brother, she will have to deal with guerillas, a crime lord, the explosive chemistry between her and Gabe, and convince him they belong together.

Gabe Bristow, a former SEAL, is retired because of a severe injury. He is convinced to lead a team for a private security group dealing with hostage and rescue–the HORNETs. He thinks this new team is full of men with questionable pasts and temperaments, not to mention delinquents, so it will not meet the standards he is used to. Still, they are damn good at what they do. The last thing he needs is his growing desire for the sister of the man they are to rescue.

The rescue of Audrey’s brother is their first assignment, with more behind it than just a kidnapping. The country is rife with atrocities and horrors, and they will have to work together to sift through all of them. Kidnappings, juvenile guerilla generals and an infamous crime lord are only a few of the things that will have to be dealt with. Gabe will do anything to keep Audrey, even if it means working with his new team. Then again, everyone deserves a second chance.

This is a great story, with suspense, some humor and a hot budding romance mixed together in just the right amount. The point-of-view switches are seamless and give insights to secondary characters, adding more detail to the story. The twist at the end is a great touch. I have totally not expected it. Just when I think it is over, there is one more big hurrah to experience. This is a great start for an entertaining and thrilling new series

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