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The Searching For Series
Book 1: Searching for Someday
Book 2: Searching for Perfect
Book 3: Searching for Beautiful

The Searching For Series, Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-4767-8009-2 (PR), 978-1-4767-8014-6 (EB)
May 2015
Gallery Books
Trade Paperback
472 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Being a quitter is not in Genevieve MacKenzie’s DNA, but when that little voice in her head screams “run” she is unable to ignore it. Now she has the stigma of a runaway bride hanging over her head, and one very angry ex-fiancé, who also happens to be her boss, threatening to ruin her life.

Too many years of too much pain have scarred Wolfe in ways so horrible, he shares very little of his past with anyone. Loving the people who took him in and gave him a life is easy, but the nightmares refuse let him consider anything more.

From day one Gen and Wolfe have been best friends; easy laughter, great conversations, and no sexual tension. So when Gen does a runner on her wedding day, it is Wolfe who comes to the rescue. Now everything is changing, and that bond of friendship is morphing into a mess of emotions and out-of-control passion. Wolfe’s greatest fear is destroying the friendship he covets more than anything, which is exactly what will happen if he does not lock down his heart in a hurry.

There is a whole host of emotions running wild in this story. From the sick creepy vibe of Gen’s ex, to the heart-pounding heat between Gen and Wolfe, you will be hanging on to every single word. I love these two characters and how they interact with each other. It is so easy to get lost in their story and tune out the rest of the world. They are truly best friends, which makes all of their trials and triumphs so much deeper and real.

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