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ISBN#: 978-0-9842828-3-8
November 2009
DCL Publications LLC
Christmas Anthology
297 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Mistletoe Fangs

Dr. Laura Marsh is a dentist who is also pregnant and also happens to be a vampire. She and her powerful vampire husband, John, are very excited over their upcoming little holiday bundle of joy.

Dr. Gephardt is a psychiatrist who is treating Laura. She has been experiencing severe flashbacks from her recent kidnapping.

John is very protective of Laura. He has waited for her for hundreds of years and is uneasy about Dr. Gephart. Yet, she insists that she is fine and that the doctor is helping with to ease her flashbacks. Yet, evil is always lurking just around the corner. Will Laura be able to protect herself as well as her unborn child?

Mistletoe Fangs is another great vampire story from Susan Blexrud. The characters are vampires, yet live relatively normal lives. The intimate scenes are well done and one can feel the passion between the two main characters.

The Office Party

Mattie is a secretary in the city. It is Christmas Eve and her obnoxious boss, F.P. has determined that everyone is staying after work for a party to celebrate his promotion. Mattie is not amused given F.P.’s wandering hands and decides to leave as soon as she can.

When a snowstorm hits and the building loses power, the elderly cleaning lady, Evangeline, helps the stranded employees to the basement where they can stay warm. She encourages them and helps to make them comfortable until help arrives.

An office party turns to chaos when people are drinking, the caterer cannot deliver due to the storm and some people just desperately want to get home to their families. Instead of being a leader, F.P. is detestable as usual, and Evangeline appears to be the calm amidst the storm. But why does nobody remember seeing her in the building before?

The Office Party is a realistic story with a paranormal twist. The reader can imagine herself or himself in the exact same miserable situation. The appearance of a sort of unexpected help is delightful.

A Special Christmas Gift

Glenda is a single mom living in Florida with her toddler son, Jason. She is gearing up for the holidays when two days before Christmas, a surprise shows up on her doorstep.

Alexandros has suddenly found his true love, Glenda, and he is not about to let her go again. He would like to marry Glenda right away and become a family with their son.

Alexandros and Glenda have arranged to get married quickly. However, between other women trying to get at Alexandros and his mother, who insists he marry another Greek, Glenda is not having an easy time.

A Special Christmas Gift is a heart-warming story of second chances. The connection between Alexandros and Glenda is wonderful and the addition of Jason makes it even better. Kate Hofman has gifted this anthology with a lovely Christmas story.

Peace on New Earth

Jadelle is a medical technician for the colonists who have settled on Megasta.

Avron is a native on the planet Megasta. His people have been infected by the colonists, so he travels to them to receive a vaccine.

Jadelle and Avron are immediately attracted to one another. Avron recognizes her as his mate and that she is ready to bear children. He would like those children to be his. Together they must convince the Megasti people the colonists wish for peace and it is in their best interests to accept the vaccine. Jadelle re-creates the old Earth tradition of Christmas, complete with food, cookies, mistletoe and snow to welcome the natives.

Peace on New Earth is a sexy and imaginative futuristic story. Jadelle and Avron are wonderful main characters. The story is so well described that the reader can easily picture the scenes. The attraction between the two main characters is very well done.

Season of Love is a fun holiday anthology. All four stories are quite different which makes the book that much better. From vampires to aliens, the authors expertly weave in Christmas as a back drop. All are well written and very enjoyable.

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