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September 2010
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326 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Even knowing that she could never make up for running out on Eric eleven years ago, Grace Hendricks swallows her pride and searches him out. Her father’s grave is missing, his military records gone, and there is no one else that she can trust to help her find out what is going on.

Retirement should feel like relief, but all Eric Wayne can think of is how many years of his life he wasted searching for someone who did not want to be found. To see her again after so long is like a punch to his gut, but to ignore her fearful pleas is something that he is physically incapable of doing.

Grace hates herself for what she did to Eric, but at the time, her inner demons were so much stronger than her heart. Now she must seek out his help, and in doing so, has inadvertently put him and a very good friend in mortal danger. Grace, Eric, and their friend Marcus wrack their brains to figure out how and why the General’s existence has been wiped clean, and the only thing they can come up with is too scary to be believed. Secret government agency, false identities, and lethal assassins all conspire to create a massive puzzle that if revealed will most certainly lead to an end that will destroy any possibility of Grace and Eric ever finding their way back into each other’s hearts.

Conflict, confusion, and chaos surround Grace and Eric as they fight their attraction and search for answers. They are so conflicted that at times it is hard to comprehend how they really feel when their actions and their words are so incongruous. Eric does not want to want Grace, but cannot help himself, and Grace goes from throwing herself into his arms to running the other direction. The naiveté they show for their situation also feels off, considering the history they have with the military, but their resilience and drive to find the truth keeps you riveted to the action.

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