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ISBN: 9781509202317
August 7, 2015
The Wild Rose Press
280 pages
Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Elizabeth “Libby” Parish left Coldwater Bay years ago, is the assistant to the author of the Reflector comic book, and convinces him to stop there for a signing where she sees Nate again. She ends up asking Nate, whom she had a bond with when younger, for help to find her boss. Instead of finding him, they find themselves inside of a comic book. With a bit of luck her knowledge of comics can aide them in getting home.

Nate Hammond, a police officer, was born and raised in Coldwater Bay. He sees Libby at the signing and is reminded of the intense connection that they used to share. Later, during an incoming snow storm, he is asked by Libby to help find her boss, Payton. The trail leads out into the storm and to the comic book store, where they find and touch a glowing Refractor comic and are transported to Second Chance City.

Second Chance City mostly mirrors Coldwater Bay, but with super heroes and villains. While looking for Payton they get roped into the troubles plaguing the city. First they have to find Reflector, who is said to have disappeared, and convince him to help them get home, but first they will have to figure out what is really going on in Second Chance City. Will they be able to get home with the help of a depressed hero, a magic flashlight, and quirky science before it is too late?

Despite being a quick read the characters and plot line were well developed and the story was highly entertaining. Everything went smoothly, the writing and pacing flowed nicely, each character, especially Nate and Libby, were likeable and the relationship between them was sweet and believable. I would recommend this story for anyone on the hunt for a quick, action filled, and sweet romance with some memorable characters whether or not they are a fan of the genre.

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