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ASIN: B004Z9A721
May 2011
E-book Kindle
Pages: N/A
Contemporary Romance/Light Sex Scenes/language
Rating: 4 Cups

Kari Swanson wants to leave her job as a pediatrician to pursue a different type of lifestyle. She is unprepared for the life-altering encounter with Ben Johansson.

Life has not been easy for Ben Johansson. Cheated out of a childhood by an alcoholic mother, happiness and laughter are as alien to him as he found love to be. Then Kari Swanson strolls in and knocks him off balance.

Kari Swanson needs a change from her current career. As a result, she explores the adventure of investing in a kayaking business, the very same one where Ben Johansson is part owner. Although Ben is reluctant for any partnership that would jeopardize his status, there is little he can do to prevent it. Kari’s arrival is an unwanted distraction to his problem. Especially as he is as clueless to her plans to buy into his business as she is as clueless to his part ownership. The law of attraction will convict both of them into feelings neither are prepared for, and secrets await that could jeopardize their freedom to love.

Secrets and New Beginnings is an excellent description for this book as Ms. Everheart allows an exploration of an in-depth view of the blossoming relationship between Kari and Ben. I loved both characters, and on occasion, laughed out-loud in surprise at the clever wit in some of the deliveries. The chemistry between Ben and Kari is a sophisticated mix of subtly and heat, alluring yet understated while keeping me riveted to the page. Over all, I found this book to be sexy and sweet. There are only a couple of problem areas that prevented me from adding an extra cup to my rating.

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