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ISBN: 1519707223
December 2015
$ 2.99
Pages 329
Romance, Mystery
Rating: 5 Cups

Philip Campbell grew up with a loving mother and an abusive father whose addiction to alcohol left more dark memories for Philip than good ones.

Aunt Violette enjoys a life of recluse. When Philip begins to visit and share conversations with her, she becomes full of life.

Philip grew up in a small town where people were not always as they appeared once gossip stirred. His father enjoyed drinking, and Philip hated when his mother had to endure the outcome. After he begins sharing time with his Aunt Vi, he soon discovers she is not unfriendly as many said. She has a lot of adventurous tales to spin, not to mention living her own tragic past that she shares. As they grow closer, Philip is soon very fond of her and enjoys their time together. The more secrets he discovers, ignites a desire to learn as much as possible of his family and the town.

It has been a while since I have read a book that was thoroughly engaging and captivating as Secrets of Sand Mountain. The in-depth characters grab the reader, taking them into an absolutely riveting journey. I enjoyed the relationship Philip discovered with his aunt. Philip C. Elrod spins a moving and magnificent read that pulls at the reader’s heart and leaves a warm feeling all over.

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