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Weres in the City Book 2
ISBN: unavailable
September 2010
MS Fiction
$5.99 / $12.52 Print
104 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

The dreams, nightmares, night terrors, whatever you want to call them are really taking their toll on Kila. She is becoming increasingly exhausted, and with each passing night it is getter harder and harder to ignore her desperate need for Ethan.

He left New York City thinking that time and distance might help him get over Kila, but Ethan knows that he is only fooling himself. Their relationship is completely forbidden, but tell that to his heart.

Humans are good for only one thing in the shifter community, and that is prey. Kila knows this, but now that her dreams are manifesting themselves into reality, she must follow her heart. Ethan would never hurt her, and neither would the pack in her apartment building, but the Cajuns are a completely different element. Ethan may be the alpha of his pack, but the Law is the law, and is it worth creating a shape-shifter war for one tiny human female?

Shape-shifters and humans always make for an explosive and invigorating combination of characters, and Ethan and Kila are no different. It is the descriptive phrasing throughout the story that feels somewhat overly dramatic in my opinion, given the content and dialogue of the characters. Kila’s desperation to be with Ethan, and vice-versa, is powerful and really magnifies the dilemma they face. I want to know more, read more, and find out how their destiny unfolds.

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