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ISBN# 9781603100076
July 1, 2009
Red Sage Publishing
325 pages
Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Heart Storm

Byron Burke has always been fascinated with the sea where he was found, abandoned, as a child. He has always known deep down that he could never leave the area even though he remembers nothing of his life before the night he was washed ashore in a storm.

Sirenia never expected to be the one who would be looking for a mate. That was to be her sister, but when things go wrong and she is sent to find Triton’s lost son, she finds herself rescuing a human instead.

Byron and Sirenia soon find themselves in the midst of an undeniable mating heat. If life were only so simple! Bryon’s long-forgotten brother is determined to see that he is hailed as Triton’s son and is willing to go to any lengths to succeed.

The magic between Sirenia and Byron is literal but still manages to show a wealth of emotion and loyalty. Sirenia is an amazingly strong character, determined to complete her task while still staying true to herself and her feelings for Bryon.

The Boy Next Door

Jacob Hale has been interested in the girl next door since she first moved in. When she said no, he settled for just being friends. Isabella gets drunk and cries on his shoulder one night, and he finds out why she just wants to be friends. He decides to change her mind.

Isabella Carelli has just been dumped because she likes to play with ropes in the bedroom. And to make matters worse, she told the stud from next door her dirty secret. Now the gorgeous goody-goody won’t even want to be friends.

As soon as Jacob finds out that Isabella likes rope play, he knows he can win her over. She has always known that he is a quiet person, but Isabella always presumed it was because he wanted a normal girlfriend. Now she is learning it is because he does not kiss and tell.

Devil in a Kilt

When Shauna MacRea decides to visit the Highland Games in North Carolina, the last thing she expects to happen is being transported to the Scottish highlands in 1621. She goes straight into the home of the sexy man she has been dreaming of for months.

Gavin MacTavish is cursed to be a bird during the hours of the day, while his clan and lands began to fail as soon as the cursed was placed on him. Gavin’s father has predicted that marrying the right woman will break the curse and bring the fertility back to the lands.

Gavin and Shauna have a lot to accomplish before they can be happy. The first is to trust in each other and of course to love. When they do find love, they have to break the curse and keep each other alive.

Ms North has provided a classic "love will conquer all" tale. By adding the magic of time travel and a highland hunk, she has added an extra level to an already exceptional story.

The Bet

After making an outlandish bet with his best friend, Damian Hunt, Viscount Atherton finds himself agreeing to seduce the prudish and innocent Claire using only his voice.

Claire is so determined not to be like her wayward brother that she has managed to gain a reputation as a prude. When she receives an invitation from the reprehensible Viscount Atherton, she is loath to accept, but is not in a position to refuse.

Claire has always been attracted to Damian although she would never admit it. Damian is surprised to find that by tempting Claire’s intellectual side, he is also tempting his own emotional one.

Damian and Claire are a case of "opposites attract", something that I would usually question. But in this case, they complement each other perfectly. Damian thinks he is clever enough to win his bet, but it seems only a matter of time before he falls into his own trap.

I have always had a love for anthologies and this one surpasses all my expectations. Each of the stories in this special collection has its own brand of magic and extraordinary characters who find love in the last place they would have thought to look.

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