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Immortal Paradise Series

Prequel- Their Secret Paradise
Book One- Suite Seduction
Book Two- Tropical Heat
Book Three- Seduced By An Angel
Book Four- Immortal Menage


Immortal Paradise 3
ISBN# 1-61034-099-X
January 27, 2011
Siren Publishing
$ 4.99
125 pages
Erotic Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Kazia Day has the job most people would dream of— if they could imagine it. Working with a new promotion in an exotic resort that caters to the paranormal world, she has been trained to meet the sometimes strange— and almost always sexy—needs of the hotels clientele. But when an angel comes down from the heavens to play some sick version of the dating—and mating—game, she isn’t altogether sure she is willing to go on the chopping block in the name of a day’s work.

Andel knows what he wants but this is his only chance to sire a child. Like anyone who thinks ahead, he has a backup plan. Surrounded by the lush and lovely in the decadent earthly resort, he will woo the women he has brought here in the hopes that one of them will prove to be the one he is looking for… While wanting the one who drew him to make this choice.

When the heavenly bodies come to earth to play, the passion is tempting enough to make choirs of angels sing in delight. But will Kazia get over the issues that keep her from otherworldly delight or will Andel’s arrogance and fear keep him from finding a love worth soaring the clouds for? The only way to find out is to be Seduced by an Angel…

With eroticism in the very air of the tropical breeze filled resort, Kazia is tempted by one of the most erotic and saintly hero’s that I have ever read. The plot is well thought out and has enough twists, turns and humor to round this story out nicely if the suspense and conflict are a little shaky. Altogether a fun erotic story with an original take on heavenly bodies.

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