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ISBN#: 9781603947060
June 2012
New Concepts Publishing
79 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Selena is a nurse who is attacked by a werewolf gone rogue whose intention is to murder her.

Zane is the Alpha of his pack and along with his lover Cory is looking for his mate. He finds her when they rescue Selena.

Cory even though he is Zane’s lover, believes because of something that happened in their past that his days with Zane are numbered.

When Selena wakes up after being attacked, she is stunned to find herself in bed naked and a man she does not know in the room. When he speaks for the first time she remembers another man’s voice as well from when she was sleeping. Strangely drawn to the first man and feeling safe with him, she does not reject either his or her dream man’s, when he shows up, advances when they come. When Zane explains that he is the Alpha and Cory is his lover and they both want her as their mate, Selena while feeling safe with them, has her doubts. Her past includes those she loves walking away and she does not know if she can handle it if these two hot men decide to walk away too if she loves them. While they are able to convince her, Cory has his own baggage because of something horrible that happened in their past. His idea is to maybe play a little ease Zane into his mating and then fade into the background. However, Zane has no intention of allowing Cory to leave his and Selena’s sides. Will they be able to convince Cory that it will work between all three of them, and that there is enough love to go around?

Woot! This is a fantastic book! I cannot say enough good things about it. Everything that makes a story great is here, true love, werewolves, bad guys, super eyebrow singing sex, two great heroes, and a lovely heroine to match them and heal their pack. Need I say more? If you love paranormal romance, enough hot sex to make your eyes cross, and a heavenly writing style, then you will want to pick up Seduced by Wolves today!

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