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ISBN#: 9781585427727/9781101163108/9781101162477
December 2009
Tarcher/Penguin Group
180 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups


A unnamed woman goes on a business trip by air.

A man also flying for business meets her on the plane.

A woman arrives at the airport only to discover that they have no coach seats left. Fortunately, the stewardess is able to upgrade her ticket to first class so she will not miss her meeting. The woman sees a guy that she likes the looks of and when his seat is next to hers she cannot believe her luck. They start playing with each other on the plane and have a hot encounter in the bathroom.

While this is a steamy and hot story, it is common fantasy erotic for women. I enjoyed it, but I have read similar stories.

Menage A Trois

A woman visits Paris and gets a room in an old house.

A couple has the room beneath her.

The woman is woken up the first night of her stay by the smell of cigarette smoke. She discovers that the smoke is coming from what appears to be her carpet. She then lifts the carpet and finds a hole that allows her to see into the room below. On a bed in the room below are a man and a woman having sex. She gets off on watching them for a couple of days.

I would not call this story Menage A Trois because it implies that three people are having sex, which is not really the case in this story. Instead it is a story of voyeurism. However, that is my only complaint. This story is hot -- a great voyeurism story. I liked how the main character could not help herself, she just had to keep watching.

The End of the Pier Show

Kyra is best friends with Rick who is gay.

Rick is Kyra’s gay best friend, and he has just met someone new.

Sam is Rick’s boyfriend.

Rick invites his best friend Kyra to meet his new lover, Sam. She comes down for a weekend and the two guys take her out on the town. The more Kyra sees the two men together, the hotter she gets. But she figures it will just be her own private fantasy, after all they are gay are they not? When they turn the tables on her, she is not quite sure what to think.

While I realize this story is fiction, I had a hard time buying the idea that two gay men would jump a straight woman’s bones. Still the sex is sizzlin’, and I really liked the idea of Rick who clearly loved Kyra even if as only a friend caring enough to give her her own fantasy.

I Heard Love Is Blind

A woman loves her boyfriend but accepts that she is really hung up on his looks.

Jaime is her boyfriend, and he decides he is tired of his woman being so hung up on his looks.

When Jaime blindfolds his lover and teaches her how to use her other senses, she realizes how foolish it is to focus so hard on looks. She also learns it is more than her lover’s looks that turn her on.

I enjoyed this story because it builds on the idea of looking beneath the surface of a person rather than just how they look. The sex was pretty hot too!

Rumble in the Jungle

A woman is abandoned by her best friend to a retreat in the Indian jungle. She thinks she will hate this vacation but then gets a surprise.

David is the man she cannot stand because of his arrogance.

The woman tells herself she will not have sex with David because he is everything she abhors in a man. However, despite this, she is very attracted to him. Sexually frustrated and sick of being on this retreat, she allows David to seduce her.

This story was enjoyable and follows the theme of opposites attract. However, it does take this idea to the extreme.

The Camera Never Lies

A woman who is a fashion model goes to a photo shoot with her first female photographer.

Kim is the photographer.

When the woman arrives at the photo shoot she is surprised to see her photographer is a woman and a very attractive woman at that. She gets more and more aroused during the photo shoot, especially when Kim ratchets her arousal even higher by being verbally suggestive. They both take it to the next level and figuratively spontaneously combust.

An enjoyable story of eroticism and attraction between two women. This piece of erotic literature was very interesting and just goes to show you that sometimes it is a person you are attracted to, not a gender.


A woman works in a fetish club and gets her heart’s desire.

Florian looks like a librarian and is the man who lights her fire.

The woman thinks she has seen and done it all in the fetish world, but when she meets a man who does not at all fit the fetish profile, she is intrigued. When he follows her on her break and does wild things to her, he makes her hotter than the fourth of July, but will he be back?

I really liked this story. The whole idea of not judging a book by its cover is clearly in play here. Florian is an alpha male dressed up to look like a nerd. I just loved that dichotomy.

The Captain’s Table

Charmaine is a woman who wants to walk on the wild side.

Ben is her lover.

When Charmaine lets her lover, Ben, set up their vacation plans, she thinks he has lost it when he suggests a cruise. That is until she realizes it’s a swingers cruise! However, the cruise is even better than either of them could have imagined. They get to have hot sex with each other, and then watch their lover have hot sex with other people. They think they have died and gone to heaven!

If you enjoy swinging stories then you will love The Captain’s Table! Personally this is a little too much free love for me but as erotica goes, this story is high quality.


Nicole is a woman who makes plenty of money. However, because she is a thrill junky, she cannot stop herself from shoplifting when she goes shopping. Something about getting away with theft is orgasmic for her.

The man who catches her is a security guard, and he has a proposition for her.

When Nicole finally gets busted for shoplifting, she still hopes she can some way get away clean. However, this particular security guard has no intention of allowing it. When he shows her tapes of her shoplifting and then tells her she has to have sex with him or he will call the police, she knows she has no choice.

Being forced to have sex against your will is a common theme in erotic fantasy. Like the first story in this anthology, this one is your standard story with this theme. It was enjoyable to read, and certainly had some very hot sex.

While this anthology is well written, it has some very common themes and as such did not have as much imagination as I had hoped. Still if you enjoy erotica then you will enjoy Seduction. As for me, I am looking forward to seeing what Madame B has to dish out in Desire and Ecstasy.

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