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ISBN #: 978-1-60154-6-081
February 2010
The Wild Rose Press
Paperback/Trade Paperback
244 Pages
romantic suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

After intercepting a letter to her late brother, Jowanna McFarland has left her sheltered life in 1940s New York to confront the father who abandoned her almost twenty years ago. When she arrives at the old house in the Arizona desert, she is devastated to hear her father has recently died. She is determined to stay at the rough ranch and solve the mystery of why the man who deserted his children so desperately needed her brother's help now.

Kane Landry's life just keeps taking one bad turn after another. He loses his sister who was more like a mother. His city-slicker bride leaves him without a word only to mail him annulment papers. His mining partner and best friend dies in an horrific animal attack. If all of this is not enough, he has to deal with rumors of a ghost at his ranch and his partner's beautiful daughter making him forget that thoroughbreds and mustangs just don't mix.

In the desert near the Superstition Mountains resides the tragic Senora, and when Jowanna comes to the big, beautiful, yet sad house in response to her father's request for help she meets with eerie screams in the night, noises from a shadowy staircase, ghostly whispers and the faint smell of perfume. She also encounters an attractive miner who she is wary of and more than a few untimely accidents.

Pinkie Paranya paints a descriptively detailed tale. This book has it all including a buried treasure, a deadly puma, a seriously sexy rancher, a brooding young artist, a mysterious Native, a legendary ghost, a spooky old house, flash floods, scorpions and a gold mine. If all that is not enough, this mystery has lots of sensual attraction, a spine-chilling expectancy and a prospector-size adventure. Jowanna is meant to be a strong, independent heroine; however, I found her to be wishy-washy when she sleeps with one man and confides in another, both of whom she does not trust. Overall, I found this to be an enjoyable romantic suspense story.

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